8 Ways Toward Becoming an Ally in the Work of Anti-Racism

By Nate Risdon, RJHE Research Associate Editor’s Note: This appeared in an earlier version in Advance, the magazine of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Christian higher education institutions are not immune to manifestations of racism and injustice on their campuses. We need only look at recent nationally broadcast stories about a number of … More 8 Ways Toward Becoming an Ally in the Work of Anti-Racism

Diverse Unity

Allison Ash, Associate Dean of Student Care and Services at Wheaton College speaks in chapel at Wheaton College regarding unity and diversity according to Christian principles and teachings. ‘Diverse Unity’ is a message about the specific responsibility that Christians have to work toward racial unity while embracing diversity based on the teachings from the New … More Diverse Unity

Making Whiteness Visible

by Joe Slavens Colleagues, both known and unknown, are integral facilitators and nurturers to my growth as an anti-racist, and their writings in particular have had a significant impact on my personal development.  Richard Dyer, for example, in The Matter of Whiteness (2008), writes a short, succinct, yet compelling critique of Western culture’s propensity to consider Whiteness as … More Making Whiteness Visible