Ashley Hamilton

Research Assistant

B.A. Liberal Studies and Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential, CSU San Bernardino
M.A.  English Composition and Rhetoric, Composition Concentration. CSU San Bernardino
M.A.  Education Curriculum and Instruction, English Concentration. CSU San Bernardino

Ashley is in her last year of course work in the Ph.D. higher education program. She is a writing professor and curriculum specialist at the University of La Verne. Her research interests are centered on how White faculty members perpetuate, undermine, and can disrupt Whiteness in the classroom. Often unjust burdens are placed on people of color by white people to explain, prove, and fix racism, despite it being white people who are primarily responsible for perpetuating it. Ashley’s research interests are centered on the goal of challenging white faculty members to take ownership of the ways they perpetuate institutional racism.

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