Current Agenda

    1. Exploring how faculty at sectarian and non-sectarian colleges and universities engage in anti-racist work for the betterment of their campus community and how Whiteness plays a role in anti-racist work. Using the research question: “What are the experiences of White college and university faculty in the United States who choose to engage in anti-racist programs, activities, and initiatives?”


  1. Exploring the experiences of White administrators who have been nominated by their peers as being engaged in anti-racism advocacy in their Christian higher education institutions.

Past Research

Forthcoming, Hambrick, A., Slavens, J., Jun, A, Brock, S., & Luna De La Rosa, M. (2015). Narrative tales of social justice engagement. Unpublished manuscript, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

Brock, S., Hambrick, A., & Jun, A. (in press). The intersection of Christianity and social justice advocacy. Growth, The Journal of the Association of Christians in Student Development.