Research and Publications

Current and Future Research Projects

RJHE is currently conducting a narrative inquiry that explores the reflections of people of color committed to justice work on racial white allies in higher education.

RJHE is considering engaging in a comparative ethnographical study that explores chapel programs at Christian higher education institutions through the frameworks of whiteness, theology, and critical race theory.

Past Research

Akamine Phillips, J., Risdon, N., Lamsma, M., Hambrick, A., & Jun, A. (2019). Barriers and Strategies by White Faculty Who Incorporate Anti-Racist Pedagogy. Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice, 3(2), 1.

Ash, A. N., Hill, R., Risdon, S. N., & Jun, A. (2017, November). Anti-racism in higher education: A new model for change. Paper accepted for the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Houston, TX.

Ash, A. N., Clark, K, & Jun, A. (2017). The paradox of faith: White administrators and anti-racism advocacy in Christian higher education. Christian Higher Education, 16(4), 232-254. doi:10.1080/15363759.2017.1310063

Risdon, S. N., Jun, A., Ash, A. N., & Menjares, P. (2017). Moving forward: How CCCU institutions can lay a solid foundation for the work of racial justice on campus. Advance, (8),1, [pages]. Retrieved from

Risdon, S. N., Jun, A., & Ash, A. N. (2016). A call to listen, respond, and connect: White Christians for racial justice in the CCCU. Advance, (7)2, 22-27. Retrieved from

Brock, S., Hambrick, A., & Jun, A. (2016). The intersection of Christianity and social justice advocacy. Growth, (15)15, 24-35. Retrieved from

Hambrick, A., Slavens, J., Jun, A, Brock, S., & Luna De La Rosa, M. (2015). Narrative tales of social justice engagement. Unpublished manuscript, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

Upcoming Presentations

Risdon, S. N. (November 2019). “Critically Conscious Sponsorship”. ASHE 2019. Portland, OR.

Mathew, A., Jun. A, Risdon, S. N., Ash, A. (November 2019). “Interrogating White Racial Allies: Invisible and Ineffective. ASHE 2019. Portland, OR Messiah College

Past Presentations

Ash, A. & Risdon, S. N. (October 2019). “Models of Anti-Racist Allyship: Critically Conscious Sponsorship and More”. CCCU Diversity Conference 2019. George Fox University, OR

Risdon, S. & Akamine Phillips, J. (September 2018). “Perceived Barriers of White Faculty Who Incorporate an Anti-racist Pedagogical Framework Within the College Classroom”. Race & Pedagogy Conference. University of Puget Sound: Tacoma, WA

Ash, A. N., Hill, R., & Risdon, S. N. (November, 2017). Anti-Racism in Higher Education: A New Model for Change. Paper presentation at the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Houston, TX.

Jun, A., & Ash, A. N. (February, 2017). Encouraging White Allies to Engage in Racial Justice Advocacy. Webinar for ReNew Partnerships.

Jun, A., Ash, A. N., & Risdon, S. N. (November, 2016). Understanding how ‘Light Bulb’ moments lead to anti-racism awareness and engagement among White administrators. Roundtable presentation at the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Columbus, OH.

Jun, A., Ash, A. N., & Risdon (September, 2016). White Advocates for Racial Justice: Woke White People Who Love Jesus. Presentation at the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Diversity Conference. New York, NY.

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