Systems of power and privilege along the lines of race can be seen around the world. Structural racism that benefits a dominant group at the expense of the subordinate group is indeed an international crisis. As can be seen in previous British colonies like the United States with a history of chattel slavery and Jim Crow laws, the legacy of racism is still pervasive today. Likewise for British Commonwealth nations such as Australia and Canada have not been exempt from the damages of both newly created as well as generations of oppressive systems and structures. Although institutions of higher education in Canada and Australia have also experienced the destructive consequences of racism, they also house anti-racist activists who persevere in their efforts toward justice.

Our comparative international research focuses on perspectives of systemic racism contextualized by geographic region.  In particular, we seek to understand what characterizes the experiences of racial justice allies and professional staff members who are so often privileged by the systems that oppress others while benefiting them and their Whiteness.  There is a dearth of literature available around anti-racism and racial justice with regard to White administrators in higher education in Australia and Canada.  So, our hope is that our research will create new knowledge that ultimately emboldens educators and administrators within higher education institutions throughout the world to stand against and dismantle racist systems that plague us all.