How does one’s faith help or hinder the work of racial justice and reconciliation?

Historically the relationship between race and religion has been complex.  For example, Christianity in the United States has played a primary role in creating and reifying racist institutions and social relations, upholding Jim Crow segregation in churches and colleges.  At the same time, some pockets of socially conscious Christians have also promoted the naming of injustices, the seeking to undo past wrongs, and working toward a more just society

A significant part of our research is dedicated to the study of race and justice within faith-based institutions.  Our desire is to understand the progress of racial justice within these settings.  We are also intrigued at the notion of understanding the racial identity awareness of evangelical Christians who see their work of reconciliation as a calling for them to advance the work of God in the world.

We understand that God’s work is to bring freedom from oppression as a way to usher in the kingdom of God here on earth, as it will be in heaven.

March 16, 2016 – God’s Design for Diversity. Bethel College. Christopher Collins.
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March 12, 2016 – Why do we all look the same?  Richmond, VA.  Race and the Church. Alexander Jun.  Watch the talk.

September 25, 2015 – Examining the Intersection of Christianity and Social Justice Advocacy on Faith Based Institutions.  Presentation at the CCCU Diversity Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Alexander Jun & Allison Ash.

June 10, 2015 – Panel Speaker, General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Chattanooga, Tennessee , Alexander Jun.

June 4, 2015 – Examining the Intersection of Christianity and Social Justice Advocacy at Faith Based Institutions. Presentation at the annual Association for Christians in Student Development Conference, Chicago, Illinois, Joseph Slavens & Allison Ash.